Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are You Ready For A Relationship

"God has called us to commit our lives to our spouses.  That's what marriage is.  If it's great, praise the Lord!  If if goes down in the dumps, we can't go anywhere.  Our spouses aren't always going to be the person we thought they were.  They have weaknesses we didn't even know they had and in areas we would prefer them not to.  God did that!  Why?  Because marriage is about our being conformed to the image of Christ and when we sum up conformity to Christ, it's the learning of unconditional love.  Here's the question, how can we learn unconditional love if we're married to someone who meets all our conditions?  How can we learn to practice grace if we're married to someone who does everything right?  We have to ask oursleves these questions over and over again.  What am I about?  Am I about this life, this world?  Am I about God or am I about me?  Am I about being conformed to the image of Christ?  Do I want what God wants?"  Paul Washer

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