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Frugal Friday: High Efficiency Washer and Dryers

I have wondered for years about what exactly are the pros and cons of owning a high efficiency washer and dryer.  I do not have a set but I have used them in the past.  What I remember is that they washed and dried quicker, used less water and less detergent.  I think it would be really nice to have a set but couldn't afford them.   Even if I could afford them, I don't know that I could bring myself to spend that much money on a washer and dryer.  It just seems like A LOT of money.   I recently came across this post about some benefits of using high efficiency washers and dryers and thought I'd share it in case you were wondering too.

Shared from:  The Thrifty Mama

Eight Reasons to Buy a High Efficiency Washer and Dryer

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Being the thrifty person that I am, it took my old washer and dryer set actually putting holes in our clothes on a regular basis, for me to finally give up on them and fork out the cash for a new washer and dryer set.  At first I wanted to do what I normally do and buy an old used set from a thrift store or something, but reminded myself that I would probably end up in the same situation I was currently in.
So I put on my brave face, and told my husband we were buying a new washer and dryer set (in all reality he’s the one that had to convince me, but shh…we’ll let him think it was his idea).  But you can be sure I planned to get the best deal possible.  After going to an appliance outlet and dealing with an associate that did not even want to budge on the prices, my husband went to The Home Depot.  He got an Amana High Efficiency Front Loader Washer and Dryer set for $811 after taxes.  Regular price on these that I see everywhere is $560 each. How did he get such a good deal?  The Home Depot had this set clearance down because it was a floor model, and there was a 10% off sale going on that weekend on all Maytag and Amana sets.  Then he was able to talk them down on the price even further!  A big time Home Improvement store was flexible on price, where an outlet store wasn't.  Whodathunkit?
Since getting our new set, I've come up with eight reasons why I should have done this a long time ago, and can’t believe I waited this long to do it.
1. High efficiency means less energy used.   After looking it up online, I found out that our set uses over 70% less water, and 70% less energy than regular machines.  I’m saving a lot of money by not having to pay for all that extra electricity and water.  And this also makes these better for the environment.
2. The washer uses less detergent. Right now I’m using less than half the detergent per load that I was before, which means I just cut my yearly detergent costs in half!!
3. Clothes come out cleaner. Even with my use of vinegar as a sanitizer in my previous machine, my loads are still coming out cleaner with this new machine.
4. Less wear and tear on clothing. These machines are gentler on clothing than the older machines, which means I’m not going to worry about holes in my clothes anymore.
5. Small children can now help with the laundry. Laundry has now become a family activity because my two munchkins can actually help me move clothes in and out of these machines.  This of course is only if you get the front loaders like I did.
6. The dryer doesn't heat up the house. Although, in the middle of winter this may not be a plus side.  I’m amazed to see how inefficient my old dyer was compared to this new one.  My old dryer would get hot to the touch, and heat up the entire laundry room.  This dryer isn't wasting heat, and thus is saving me money.
7.  Clothes dry faster. Even though the wash load takes longer, clothes dry very quickly.  I barely have the clothes in there 20 minutes and they are dry!
8.  I can wash and dry more clothes at one time. Because the washing machine is a front loader, I can put more clothes in it than I could before.  You've heard of Mount Washmore right?  That was my laundry room before the weekend.  After getting the new machine on Saturday night, almost all of my laundry was done with just a few loads by Monday.
I’m amazed to say that I actually enjoy doing laundry now.  If only I could have gotten a machine that would actually fold my clothes as well, then my laundry routine would be perfect!
Do you own a high efficiency front loading washer/dryer set?  What are some of the reasons that you like/dislike it?

So I took a poll and here is what I found out:
I like the top loading cause if you don't have to leave the door open. On the front ones, you have to leave the door open or you will get a mold smell (that's what I been told). I have a top load and I like it.  You can put so much more in the front loading ones.
I haven't seen any changes in my water bill. BUT I can do alot more laundry faster. It's front load which some people don't like, but I do. The dryer is fast. My advice would be to focus on capacity vs. price and not efficiency. It may work out to be high efficiency like it was several years ago when I bought mine, but you should maybe not.  I have front load but have never noticed that mold smell although  The length of time to do laundry for me has significantly decreased.
I love mine! Cuts down on the length of time I spend doing laundry and my water bill has gone down some. You must leave the door open after washing until the tub dries to prevent odors or you can bleach it out monthly.
 Love mine, do all my clothes on 30minute express wash saves time and energy!
 Love my front load! I do keep my door slightly open and wipe the door & gasket after every wash. I've had mine for 4 yrs now and have never smelt any odors and have no mold or buildup around the gasket. The extra minute it takes to wipe it dry is definitely worth it! Focus on load capacity. I can wash our comforters...but I wish I had bought it a little bit bigger.
Just bought one for Christmas but haven't used it yet cause it's for the new house, but the guy did tell me that you have to wipe the gasket after every use to keep the mold and smell down. He also told me that you need to wash an empty load once a month to help as well.
I have a LG and love it. Both wash n dry are front load my hole house is LG energy efficient and it does save just remember to keep washer door cracked open some that's what they told me and have not had a problem yet. Never have to wipe out gasket it has a tube u have to open n water will run threw it and a filter on washer its at the bottom front of washer. Had mine for two years no mold smell yet.

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