Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Homemade Maple Syrup

Our daughter, Gracie, was diagnosed with some food allergies a couple of months ago. One of her allergies is to corn. At first, that may not sound so difficult to overcome; but just try to find anything without corn syrup. It is in nearly everything. The journey has been, at times, extremely stressful. There have been lots of prayers and tears. We live in a very small town where the grocery options are limited to say the least. Anyway, this post is suppose to be about syrup. All pancake syrup in our stores either has corn syrup in it or maple syrup, which is expensive. We tried sugar-free syrup and it was just down right nasty. Sorry, but it was not good at all. I recently came across a recipe for homemade maple syrup. It sounded simple so I decided to try it. It was WONDERFUL!!!!! So, wonderful that I don't plan on buying syrup from the store...EVER AGAIN. And so wonderful, I had to share it.

2 cups white sugar or 1 cup white & 1 cup brown
1 cup boiling water

Mix in a saucepan over LOW heat until all sugar is dissolved. Bring to a slow boil and cook for a few minutes. Remove from heat and add 1/2 teaspoon of maple flavor or maple extract. Let cool. TaaDaa!!! That's it...enjoy!!!


  1. I have been eating maple syrup like that for years,(since a young girl). You're right about the flavor. I never buy syrup except for the ones in the house that prefer cane syrup.

  2. will try this. my daughter was diagnosed with many food allergies this summer. corn is on the list. thanks for sharing.

  3. Ohhh thank you!! I've been making my own foods for a month and its going great. This is just one more thing I'll give a try.

  4. I'm stopping by from Raising Homemakers. I love finding recipes to make things homemade when I can. I will have to try this! Can you store leftovers to use later? Thanks for sharing!

  5. Michelle, I store mine in the pantry and it works fine. Haven't had any problems with it.

  6. Thanks for the recipe! We are doing gluten free at our house, also trying to cut back on high fructose corn syrup...

    Love your blog, books, and favorites. I guess because they are mine, too!

    All to Him,