Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are Your Sons Prepared?

A couple of weeks ago, I listened to a series of messages, from Family Life Today, about preparing sons.  Now, I don't have any sons, but I still enjoyed these messages.  Occasionally I listen to messages directed towards boys/men.  Why would I do that?  I find it gives me a different perspective that helps me be a better wife and helps me to prepare my daughter.  So, I encourage you to listen to these.  You will be blesseds

Are your sons fair game for the girls?  Dennis Rainey addresses the very real problem of sexually aggressive girls.  Rainey explains that, due to the rise of absent fathers today, many young women are looking for their emotional gas tanks to be filled by young men, and doing whatever it takes to get a boy's love and attention. Find our how to teach your sons how to deal with aggressive girls in the Aggressive Girls series below.

Dennis Rainey talks honestly with parents about protecting their sons from overly aggressive girls.

Would your son know what to do if he was propositioned by a member of the opposite sex?  What about a member of the same sex?  

Does your son attract girls like bees to honey?  Dads need to be proactive in a son's life by having some meaningful, intentional conversations with them about various topics including: the value and application of godly wisdom, how to handle sexual temptation, God's design for sex in marriage, and the characteristics of an adulterous woman.

What does your son know, and believe, about women?  Topics to discuss with your sons in order to prepare them for relationships with the opposite sex.  Some topics include: rejecting passivity, the benefits of initiating, and the value of boundaries.  What can moms do to help...raise girls who aren't aggressive.


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  1. I have a son about to leave for college. I am on my knees. You never know if they are prepared.