Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chore Time and Practical Living Made Fun

Chore-Time and Practical Living Made Fun!
Introductory Pricing — Save 40% for Four Days Only
hore-time! It’s something all families share in common. There are tasks that need doing, and children who need training in practical living and personal responsibility. From cleaning bathrooms to mopping floors to preparing food for the family, household chores are a necessary part of every successful home. So how do we equip our sons and daughters, and thereby ourselves, for success in this integral element of home life?

Introducing the Chore-Time and Practical Living Made Fun Collection from Vision Forum — just $59 through July 10!

Save 40% on the ‘Chore-Time and Practical Living Made Fun Collection’

Teach Your Children Real-Life Skills,
And How to Work Hard and Love It
Featuring six books and two CDs, the Chore-Time and Practical Living Made Fun Collection is a wonderful teaching series for parents and children to work through and apply together. Beginning with Getting Your Hands Dirty: How to Teach Your Children to Love Work (CD), you will discover practical ways to disciple your children and give them a heart for working hard. And as you read the beautifully-illustrated books packed with practical tips that will help moms as well as young people, your children will discover the fascinating complexities and real-life problem-solving opportunities that housework and home life provide — and the skills to succeed in them!

A Look Inside ‘Household Cleaning’ — Learn More About the Collection

Read, listen to, and use the Chore-Time and Practical Living Made Fun Collection with your children, and watch how it impacts your family. As you learn and labor alongside each other, your children and you will improve your home’s functionality, grow in your understanding of God’s amazing creation, become better stewards of your resources, and develop a love for hard work—all while drawing closer as a family.

From household cleaning, food preserving, and spinning, to beekeeping, cheesemaking, and keeping chickens, the Chore-Time and Practical Living Made Fun Collection covers all the bases of home life — whether you live in the city, suburbia, or the country. And the fascinating life story of world-renowned entrepreneur Joel Salatin, shared by Joel in Tilling the Soil: Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Vision in Your Family (CD), will inspire your children to take their new-found home life skills and apply them to creative, entrepreneurial family projects.

Perfect as a family reference guide, this 6-book, 2-CD collection is sure to become a treasured resource in your home.

Save 40% on the ‘Chore-Time and Practical Living Made Fun Collection’

Hurry! Sale Ends July 10, 2010
For four days only, pay just $59 for Chore-Time and Practical Living Made Fun Collection — a 40% savings off the retail price! Our limited-time pricing is good only while supplies last, so hurry and place your order today. Offer is good only online or by phone.

Sale ends at midnight on July 10, 2010 (CDT).


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