Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Biblical Fatherhood as the Key to a Thriving Family

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What this country needs is a few good men - husbands and fathers who are willing to love and lead their households with many resolve and godly vision.  Frankly, the Church needs these men every bit as much as the rest of the country.  We are experiencing a national crisis of manhood of epidemic proportions.  Absent of revival of fatherhood, we can expect to see an ever-increasing rise in the number of effeminate boys and masculine women, as well as the breakdown of the Christian family as it is defined in Holy Scripture.  What we desperately need today are men who will be family men and family leaders.  But how?

Family Man, Family Leader first presents the vision of biblical household leadership.  Next, it addresses the many practical issues necessary for achieving victory as a man, from learning and acting upon God's priorities, to decision-making as a father, to growing in oneness with your wife, to personal accountability before the Lord and victory over secret sins.  Whether you are a veteran visionary father, or a dad just beginning the journey of patriarchy, we hope you find the Family Man, Family Leader to be a source of inspiration and practical help.

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