Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frugal Friday: Home Grown Vegetables

Eat home grown vegetables! If you don't have a garden, find a local you-pick garden. Last month we canned green beans we picked at a local you-pick garden. We picked 6, 5 gallon buckets. The price was $7 per bucket and we ended up with 65 quarts. That came to be 67 cents per quart! We are going to pick peas in the morning. The price of the peas are $7 per bucket and $1.50 per bucket if you choose the have them shelled. So, it will actually by $8.50 per bucket. We get approximately 7 quarts of peas per bucket. That ends up being $1.21 per quart; which I think is pretty frugal...and tasty!

To find local you-pick gardens, check your local newspapers or go to

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