Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Tribute to Mothers

Your High Calling

Mother, whoever you may be,
You may think long and earnestly
Of your high calling. Pondering
The undreamed honour of the thing;
Learning how God, through you, would plan
To be well know to every man.
An through your arms would gather fast
The whole world to His heart at last.

Fay Inchfawn

Mamas: the Shapers of Eternal Souls

The most underrated job in America is that of being a mother. The entire world seems to conspire to mock and minimize the true blessings of motherhood. This is why we appreciate the words of J.R. Miller, who once wrote:

Oh, mothers of young children, I bow before you in reverence. Your work is most holy. You are fashioning the destinies of immortal souls. The powers folded up in the little ones that you hushed to sleep in your bosoms last night, are powers that shall exist forever. You are preparing them for their immortal destiny and influence. Be faithful. Take up your sacred burden reverently. Be sure that your heart is pure and that your life is sweet and clean. —J.R. Miller, The Family, pg. 106

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