Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book List for 2009

Who likes to read? I do; but in spurts. Among other goals, this year I will make every effort to be more disciplined in my reading. I've made a list of twelve books, some of which I had previously started but for some reason or another, never finished. By putting this list public, hopefully it will encourage me to actually read them.

1. A Steadfast Heart by Elyse Fitzpatrick

2. When People Are Big and God is Small by Edward T. Welch

3. In My Father's House by Mary Kassian

4. Trusting God by Jerry Bridges

5. The Heart of Anger by Lou Priolo

6. A Foundation for Life by Michael A. G. Haykin

7. A Brief Account of the Life of George Muller by Mrs. Muller

8. Tying the Knot Tighter by Martha Peace and John Crotts

9. Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp

10. Instructing a Child's Heart by Tedd and Margy Tripp

11. Radical Womanhood by Carolyn McCulley

12. Passionate Housewives Desperate for God by Jennie Chancey & Stacy McDonald

13. Ester: Becoming a Woman of Beauty and Strength by Elizabeth George

14. Becoming a Woman of Excellency by Cynthia Heald

By now you've realized this is more than 12 books. Am I over-extending myself? Maybe, but this is my goal for reading. I would love to hear what you are reading?

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