Thursday, July 9, 2009

Comtemplating Miss California

Think about it, what’s the real difference between standing on a runway half dressed while strangers evaluate your body – deciding if you’re “good enough” and standing on an auction block while slave traders do the same thing. Both situations put us into bondage. Both situations communicate that we’re a piece of property.

We need to remember that these subjects are not neutral. In what way does this reveal how society values women? What does this communicate to our daughters?

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  1. Wow, I was so excited to see this because I really like Mrs. Stacy MacDonald and I had problems with Miss California too. While others raved over her and talked about what an inspiration she was I just couldn't look up to a woman dressed like her, flaunting her body before million and declaring 'in my family I believe in same sex marriages and that's the way I am!' It was bold of her to do so in that she did what her conscience told her to do...but I just couldn't support her. I love what Stacy McDonald said and totally agree. Women of virtue should love modesty and strive for the hidden beauty of the heart rather than the worlds praise. Only God should be the one to be praised for making us women of beauty. It's such a wonderful thing to be. My heart breaks when I see women either young, beautiful, and uncovered or women fat, sloppy, and poorly groomed because I know each are missing what God, in His good pleasure has granted me; the chance to live a life of set apart femininity. I'm so thankful that I'm not under the pressure to expose what God meant to be hidden. Thank you, Mrs. Missy for that post.